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We are well aware that digitization does not make trees grow any faster.

However, digitization does help to take the right decisions. Collection and transmission of GPS-accurate information makes it possible to see ‘the forest for the trees’, respond to current developments, and take appropriate action.

Tama Group has developed the WaldCursor to make it easy to use digitization for project management in forestry and nature.

WaldCursor allows you to take advantage of digitization for your green projects.

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Ralph D. Humberg
Founder Tama Group
Michael Voltersen
System Architect
Fritjof Lüthje Application Designer
Anja Humberg Communication

Our Story

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Ralph Humberg, Master of Science Engineering, founded the Tama Group in the west of Munich in 2015, drawing on his experience in many large international companies.

Tama Group has its roots in the field of remote sensing and image analysis. We support our customers in the extraction of measurable information from images with “the view from above” using satellite, airbone, and drone-based imagery. We do not operate satellites or fly planes. We provide automatic analysis of images and data.

We have established three business areas:

  • Remote sensing centering on Trimble’s AI software eCognition.
  • Information Factories converting image-derived information into valuable assets for our customers.
  • Forest and Nature digitizing information for project management in forestry and nature.

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Our Vision

We bring our extensive experience gained from working with various customers and partners to WaldCursor. In the experience collaborating with clients we have identified two essential components for the successful implementation of project management in the field:

  • the expertise of on-site professionals
  • a digital platform that captures and shares information with GPS precision

The WaldCursor effectively combines both of these components, especially for the forestry and nature sectors. In doing so, we are creating an attractive path to digitization for smaller companies operating within forestry and nature. The WaldCursor serves as a digital conference table for green projects.