Some practical examples of using WaldCursor to manage green projects cost-effective

Construction Site Check

Projektmanagement – Baustellenplanung – English – 1
Projektmanagement – Baustellenplanung – English – 2
Projektmanagement – Baustellenplanung – English – 3
Projektmanagement – Baustellenplanung – English – 4
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Projektmanagement - Baustellenplanung - English - 1
Projektmanagement - Baustellenplanung - English - 2
Projektmanagement - Baustellenplanung - English - 3
Projektmanagement - Baustellenplanung - English - 4
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Control and track the progress of a construction site using WaldCursor and streamline the process with location-specific work directives.

  • First, define the site for the current construction zone on the map with a few clicks, or upload a previously defined project area.
  • Based on this, you can start your project management by area and collaborate with your field crews and partners. Break down the process into smaller tasks and allocate them with the corresponding area and deadlines to the accountable employees and partners. (Figure 1)
  • Workers on site can document their work progress in the same way. Completed tasks are checked off and documented with a current image. (Figures 2-4)

By entries on a regular basis, you can keep your project up to date and track and archive the progress of the job site. At the same time, you can use the WaldCursor to respond to current, unforeseen events reported to you by your field staff, such as high winds damaging the construction site barrier or heavy rainfall upsetting the sequence of events.

Mowing Monitoring

Meine Karten – Mahdkontrolle – nach Zuschnitt (2)

Thematic Map “Mowing-Control Fields” on TWC Aerial Map

Meine Karten – Mahdkontrolle – Satellit – 03.05.2022 – nach Zuschnitt (2)

Mowing Control Fields on Senitel2-Image
Mai 03, 2022

Meine Karten – Mahdkontrolle – Satellit – 31.05.2022 – neuer Ausschnitt (2)

Sentinel2-Image Mowing Control Fields
May 31, 2022 with display of mowing dates

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Meine Karten - Mahdkontrolle - nach Zuschnitt (2)
Meine Karten - Mahdkontrolle - Satellit - 03.05.2022 - nach Zuschnitt (2)
Meine Karten - Mahdkontrolle - Satellit - 31.05.2022 - neuer Ausschnitt (2)
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With WaldCursor you can check the mowing from the office by means of automatic analysis of satellite images. This means that inspections do not always have to be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and costly on the ground; instead, a glance at your WaldCursor account shows what the situation looks like on the ground.

The procedure is quite simple:

  • In the WaldCursor, you mark the areas on the map for which the WaldCursor should perform an automated mowing check, Figure 1. Now the WaldCursor will detect whether mowing has taken place by automatically analyzing the satellite images.
  • Figure 2 shows a Sentinel2 image with areas marked for mowing control on May 03, 2022. Figure 3 shows the same areas on May 31, 2022. Based on the comparison of the images, the WaldCursor has detected that mowing has occurred. The identified mowing dates are displayed.

A similar procedure is possible for comparable area inspections. Talk to us about which areas you would like the WaldCursor to monitor for you.

On the Road in the Territory

Use WaldCursor for On-Site Navigation

When on the road, your partners and employees often wonder if they are still in the contract area. The WaldCursor clarifies this question on-site.

Does the damaged bank fall within the area assigned for today’s inspection?

  • Area to be processed: marked in red
  • Bank = white marker – just still in the area

Mark any Damages, Conspicuous Features, or Calamities immediately On-Site

By placing unambiguous markings on the map, which can also include GPS coordinates, you can keep communicating with both partners and employees crystal clear.

In the Office, Indicate Areas that External Sources Have Brought to Your Attention

This allows you or your staff to review the reports later when they are in the field.

Order Processing

Mark the areas where a job needs to be completed. Manage the process with the associated job ticket.

Assign tasks to responsible employees with a due date. Once an item is completed, the employee checks it off. If desired, a picture can be attached to the entry. If there are any questions or comments from the site, they are noted directly in the routing slip. You receive a notification and can respond directly.

This way you can manage your orders without paperwork and with direct reference to the area.

Proposal Management

Turn field observations into business opportunities with WaldCursor.

  • If you or your employees are out in the field and notice points where work needs to be done, mark the points on the map in your WaldCursor account.
  • Make a brief note of what needs to be done and add a photo.
  • Later, back in the office, you can use these markers and data to plan whether to generate projects for your company based on your field observations.
  • Also, make a note of your next steps in the proposal management process in relation to the markers on the map, so you can stay up to date at a glance and without paperwork.

Safety Obligations

Quite often safety obligation cannot be planned for in the long term. Severe weather, storm damage, or other unforeseen events may require immediate and reliable road safety assessments of individual trees, larger areas, and, if necessary, more extensive traffic safety measures.

The GPS – accurate instructions you can give to your partners and employees in WaldCursor allow you to respon efficiently and appropriately to unexpected events and even observations along the way.

Even for planned, more complex projects, WaldCursor’s area-based project management effectively integrates road safety measures.