Our Partners

The WaldCursor cooperates with enviaM in the fields of drone flights, orthophotos and much more.

At the EODC in Vienna, the WaldCursor processes, analyzes and stores all data.

To get results to our users even faster, we are leveraging the power of the Digital Innovation Hub at EO.

After supporting the development, ESA also supports the further development of WaldCursor. For our satellite time series we use data from ESA’s Sentinel 2.

WaldCursor cooperates with Flügel GmbH from Osterrode in the Harz Mountains to integrate the intelligent irrigation system Planuvia and the smart bark beetle trap TRAP, winner of the KWF Award 2022.

WaldCursor collaborates with the engineering firm WOLF in the scopes of aerial drone mapping, consulting, and aerial mapping workshops.